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Matt Redman - My Soul Is Complete tab

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Written by Phil Shaw, performed at Soul Survivor, and Matt Redman plays it
 on "The People's Album 3", sweet song!

A		D
Father of everlasting grace
A		D
Be my comfort in this broken place
A		D		   F#m     D
I'll rest upon the perfect love in you, in you
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A		E/G#       A/C#    D    E
My soul is complete, in Jesus, in Jesus
F#m			E/G#		A
Your grace and your truth, have made a way
	D		A	D2	A	D2
And now I'm free in you

Faithful Lord, you never change
When all is lost, you remain
Saviour, all my hope is found in you, in you

King of glory be lifted high
I'll worship you with my whole life
Fill my heart with joy that's found in you, in you

F#m			E/G#
With hands held high
I'll live my life
To worship you
		F#m	E/G#
Be glorified
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