Matt Redman - Knocking On The Door Of Heaven chords

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We will give ourselves no rest
'Till Your Kingdom comes on earth
F#m                              E
We've positioned watchmen on the walls
Now our prayers will flow like tears
For You've shared Your heart with us
F#m                            E
God of Heaven, on our knees we fall

     A       B      A                 B
Come down in power, reveal Your heart again
     A        B          A                    B
Come hear our cries, the tears that plead for rain

We're knocking, knocking on the door of heaven
We're crying, crying for this generation
      A                                               B
We're praying for Your Name to be known in all of the earth
We're watching, watching on the walls to see You
We're looking, looking for a time of breakthrough
      A                                                 B
We're praying for Your Word to bear fruit in all of the earth
All of the earth
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