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Matthew Good - Suburbia Acoustic chords

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This isn't exactly how Matt plays it, but you can still get away playing it this way.
The notes put in between the chords for the intro/verses is just something I play to 
make it sound more like how Matt does it.
Play around with it and make up your own way if you want, but the notes aren't 
necessary, just a little addition, and helps to time chord changes.

Standard Tuning

Capo 2nd Fret


(Again, just recommended. These are the chords Matt uses, but the note pattern is my 
own. Make something else with the chords if you like.)

   x0                x3        x3
   x1                x1        x1
   x2                x0        x0
   x2                x2        x0
   x0                x3        x2
   x-                x-        x-

Play this when the second "You would be mine" starts.
    F           C       *Strumming Pattern- F Chord: Down-Down-DownUp
   x0          x0                                       C Chord: Down-Down-DownUpUp
   x1          x1
   x2          x0
   x3          x2
   x0          x3
   x-          x-


  G          Am          F          C
  x3        x0           x0        x0
  x3        x1           x1        x1
  x0        x2           x2        x0
  x0        x2           x3        x2
  x2        x0           x0        x3
  x3        x-           x-        x-

G  Am       F                  C
Someday this place is gonna burn
G  Am                   F               C
    Is your whole life in there waiting?
G  Am        F                  C
Someday your head is gonna turn
G  Am                   F           C
    And you'll realize I'm missing
F   Am          G
  Do you realize?

*Strumming Pattern from "Someday this place is gonna burn"---"And you'll realize I'm missing":
                                           For every chord: Down-Down-DownUp
                                        "Do you realize"
                                          F Chord: Down-DownUpDownUp
                                          Am Chord: Down-DownUpDownUp
                                          G Chord: Down + Let ring
Intro/verse: x12

"You would be mine"


intro/verse: x10

"You would be mine" part (second verse it will be "Hells comin with me")

Chorus ***Play the G Am F C part 5 times instead of 4 on second chorus

Play the "Do you realize" part 3 times, but strum the G chord the first 2 times and let 
ring the third time (I strum the G Chord: Down-DownDownUpUpDown-DownUpDownup)

Intro/verse: x4

That should be it. Thought I would post this since no one else has. Have fun
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