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Matthew Good - Fated chords

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                         FATED - Matthew Good Band
Tabbed by: Kathtastrophy

Tuning: half step down

This is the version he plays live solo acoustic. Obviously like any live preformer 
he makes slight alterations every preformance but these are the basics.

B5    7-9-0-0-x-x
C#5   9-12-0-0-x-x
C5    10-12-0-0-x-x
G5    3-5-0-0-x-x
G     3-2-0-0-3-3
Dadd9 2-x-0-2-3-0
D     x-0-0-3-2-3
Em7   0-2-2-0-3-0
Asus4 x-0-2-2-3-0

B5 C#5 C5 G5  (repeat to preferance last G5 begins verse, same progression)

G5         B5     C#5  C5
 There's a spaceman
G5           B5  C#5  C5
living in my basement
G5       B5 C#5 C5   G5     
There's an IV keeping time
B5    C#5 C5   
beside my bed
G5    B5    C#5  C5
 And a painting 
   G5    B5    C#5   C5
of Jesus wandering
G5      B5             C#5
  for a dartboard. You know he's
C5       G5      G
seen you naked a million times
  Dadd9          Em7
A million times

B5 C#5 C5 G5 (x2)

Verse: B5 C#5 C5 G5  (exactly like first one)
There's a cartoon 
killer in my livingroom
cut you open like candy 
and pull out your little womb
like tv 
dinners for the third world
and amputee dancing girls
you try but you fail cause you're bad at life
    G         Dadd9   Em7
and good in a vacuum

I long to be dead
G              Dadd9    Em7
Sleep with the fishes under the sea
They can swim through my head
    G            Dadd9      Em7
And stop all the traffic jams
G            Dadd9     Em7
Stop all the traffic jams
And there'll be no light tonight
       D Asus4 Em7
If I'm fated.
      D Asus4 Em7
If I'm fated.
      D Asus4 Em7
If I'm fate-----d
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