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Matthew Pattison - Living Water tab

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C#m Bsus Asus (Repeat)
Verse 1 
C#m                 Bsus
You've become my mainstay song
Asus            Bsus
the one my focus is upon
C#m              Bsus
I look to you I'm not alone
       Asus               Bsus
on my knees is where I become so strong
    Asus             C#m           Bsus
Not scared to say my life is not my own (repeat)
Asus  C#m             Bsus 
I     live my life in you     (repeat)
         Asus Bsus
Living water           (repeat 3x)
              C#m Bsus Asus Bsus
Flow through me
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