Mattias Hellberg - Healing Hand chords

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This is a straight forward song, very basic and VERY amazing!

these are just the chords their and positions. There are some simple hammering/ 
pull offs going on, listen to the song and you'll figure it out, however always on 
the D chord!( E--2hammer3pulloff2  ) 
                                MATTIAS HELLBERG
                                  HEALING HAND
                 (thank you Mattias, for this one, it is superb)

Chords used 
G Em C Am D     

Intro-G  Em  C  x2

G             Em       C                  G
Won't you try me, I'll never ever let you down
G             Em       C                  G  
Won't you buy me, I'll never ever let you down
        Am         C       G          G
No i'll never ever let you down

G               Em    C                         G   
Won't you touch me, I want to feel your healing hand
G               Em            C                   G       
Won't you trust me, can't you see I wanna be your friend
     Am         C           G          G
Well maybe more than just a friend

C        Em            C              Em
I am the one and only, true love made just for you 
C        G                D
Togheter we are holy it's true
C            Em                 C                Em
I'll be your favourite sweater, to keep you warm when your cold 
C                 G              D
If your down then I will comfort you

G                Em   C                     G
So won't you take me, take me home with you tonight
G        Em    C                G     
Oh sweet baby, let me prove i'm right 
           Am             C        G
And if i'm nothing you can kick me out

Solo (listen for timing)


played twice over the intro chords
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