Max Bemis - Chlorine Bath chords

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Chlorine Bath
Max Bemis
Max Bemis and the Painful Splits

Capo 2nd fret

Chords: (names relative to capo)
G     (320033)
Cadd9 (x32033)
Dsus4 (xx0233)
Em7   (022033)

(PM) - palm mute

G                      Cadd9
I wanna wake up in the evening
Dsus4          G
Shred my lips, bathe in chlorine
G                    Cadd9
Bless your heart you sad thing
Dsus4                 G
I don't wanna be with you


Em7             G
You came along, followed my bum
Cadd9                    Dsus4
Right through this maze, strung out and stunned
Em7              G
Latched onto me, redded the dirt
Cadd9            Dsus4
I was your prey, hung up on hurt
Cadd9 (PM)            Dsus4 (PM)
But I don't want you, I don't need you


Em7            G
You butterfly, you seem to morph
Cadd9              Dsus4
You seem to bloom, this caustic course
Em7                 G
You chose yourself, so burn in hell
Cadd9               Dsus4
You fleeting think, I chose myself
Cadd9 (PM)            Dsus4 (PM)
But I'm too proud and I don't need you

(Chorus x2)

End with instrumental chorus.
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