Mayday Parade - Happy Endings Are Stories That Havent Ended Yet chords

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Capo 3

Am G F x4

Am        G                       F
 Keep me dizzy, spinning circles around my head
Believe me that it's worth the rush,
         G             F
Til we collide, with heavy hearts and open minds
            Am                      G
I'm all by myself, don't leave me hanging
Shakin' like I've caught on fire
             Am                   G
We all get stuck in funny ways sometimes
You and every friend of mine

       F              G          C
We'll find a way, to run away, tonight

C G Am G F C F G x2

C                 G
 You could be my compass
Am               G                  F
 Teach me how to read these broken lines
Hold me like a lover
      F               G         C
We'll find a way, to run away, tonight
Tell me when it's over,
Am                   G                 F
Promise that you'll always keep me in mind
Burning like a soldier,
      F             G                 C
I'll find my way to you and save the day

Repeat Chorus
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