Mayday Parade - Ghosts chords

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Ghost - Mayday Parade
My take on the progression of this awesome new single, do email me or drop
me an ask on tumblr if there are anything to improve on, thank you.

Tabbed by:

Tuning: Standard

            C                       E
There's a ghost in my bedroom, it haunts me at night
       Am           G            F/A
I've asked him to leave, but he keeps stopping by
 Dm                          G
Just when I think that I'm alone
     C        E             F/A
It shows up again with a friend this time
         Dm              G
And now this is getting old
I don't know what to do
F/A         G                  C
Metaphorically, this ghost is you.

           C                      E
Now this ghost in my bedroom he gives me advice
     Am          G             F/A           
He promised one day that he'd teach me to fight 
F/A                         G
Now when I think that I'm alone
    C        E
He comes up my way with a devil smile 
         F/A            G
Singing this is now my home 
You're my wish come true 
          F/A                E             G         C
When you reach that golden cloud I'll be there with you

                 F/A              C
If there were monsters in the closet 
               E                    Am
Well I don't think I would be surprised
             F/A                C
I hear them call out from my window
               E                 G
They try and trick me to come outside

(I won't let you down)
     G         C
We talked all day
              E                F/A                     C
I can't tell if he's real or a made up version of her again 
  G     C                      E
Never alone, because I've got you
Get this out of my head

-Guitar Solo-
             G           F/A
No I won't waste away my love
On to something new
            F/A          E
If there's only one way out
      G             C
I'll come back for you

          F/A              C
If I get stuck out there forever
        E                   Am
Tell everyone that I said goodbye
               F/A             C
You're on my lifelong list of wishes
If I could bring you back 
F/A                   C
We don't belong here now
                             E                      Am          
If he stays well that just means I've got numbered days
          F/A                Am
Til I go back to my little world
                E                     C
Where it's just me and my imaginary friends

So go out and love
Find a new direction

(Here's my heart, keep it for protection)
            E            Am
Don't get stuck on your way
           F/A            C
The other side's a scary place
(Do your best not to be afraid)
Lose it all when we run away
(Letting go of the little things you know I do)
There's a ghost in my bedroom
(And he's dying to meet you)
God knows he's heard all about you
I guess he's friendly enough
Though I've seen him lie
(He's seeking roses in your bed)
Says he won't let you down

He will! He will! He will!

           C                    Am F/A
There's a ghost in my bedroom

(He will! He will! He will! 

Will the crowd go crashing down?)

Slowly slowly how could I go down
I want you to notice when I let go

C                             Am
Slowly slowly how could I go down?
I want you to notice when I let go

(There's a ghost in my bedroom)
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