Mayonnaise - Pink White Blue tab

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power chords pu.....

D  Em  F#m
D  C

verse 1:

D                              Bm
I know, im not the one you are thinking of,
              G            A
coz I am your past, and im gone.
   D                                 Bm
So what now? 'Coz I know this will be very hard,
              G               A
to go back in time... press rewind.

D                        Bm
'Coz you don't know what I really feel,
D                   Bm
you don't know what I really mean,
D                    B,                G            A
you don't know my... you don't know my name and the pain...

D                A                 Bm                G
You're my angel, in my own heaven, Life is a miracle.
D                A                 Bm                G
It's so surprising, uninviting, i'll never be alone.

verse 2:
(same as the verse 1)
I know, i'm not the one you're dreaming of,
and i'll be home soon for you.
So help me, to swallow this bitter pill,
so I can die away.

(D Em F#m G 3x)
D Em F#m
Life to me is very real, a miracle that I can feel.
Everytime I try to sleep, I dream of you and it feels so real.
Everytime I try to breathe, i suffocate and I start to bleed.
All of these because of you.

DITO PU ME BROKEN CHORD. family chords pu sa part na tu.....
D(tanggalin nyo middle finger niu) and then balik sa normal chord
I know, you don't need me anymore
Bm(tanggalin nyo rin middle finger niu) and then balik sa normal chord
Can i die for you?

yun lang pu 
thanks pu.....
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