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Mcbride And The Ride - Just One Night tab

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From: (Brian Blomstrand)
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 14:57:13 -0700
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Subject: guitar tab, Just One Night -by McBride and the Ride

	Here are the chords and lyrics to 'Just One Night' as recorded
by McBride and the Ride.

	The chords are fingered as follows:

	G(320033)    C9(-32033)    D(--0232)     G/F#(220033)

   	Em(022000)    C(-32010)    Fmaj7(--3210)    C/B(-22010)

	Am7(-02010)    Am7/G(302010)  F(133211)   D/F#(200232)

	   1   2  3   4    1    2   3  4   1  2  3  4
	| --  --  C  C/B | Am7      Am7/G| D/F#          |

	  1   2   3   4    1   2   3   4
	| F       G      | C             |

Verse 1:
        G             C9              G
     	We had never planned to go so far.
                         C9                     G
	And there was a fire that night in the dark.
                    C9                  D
	And as her hand reached out to mine,
                  G               G/F#       Em
	It was a feeling like the very first time.
             C       D         G
	The night I spent with you.

Verse 2:
        G          C9          G
	I was completely taken in,
	                    C9       G
	out of passion that knows no end.
	       C9               D
	It's a love so rare and true,
	 	       G            G/F#    Em
	That there is nothing to compare it to.
	     C       D          G
	The night I spent with you.

                    Fmaj7      C
	She had the face of an angel.
	    Fmaj7              C
	The smile of a loving child.
                      Fmaj7         C
	With just one touch of her body,
                   D                    G
 	she could drive this old heart wild.
                Fmaj7               C
	So if I leave this world tomorrow,
                      Fmaj7            C
	Don't cry for me, filled with sorrow.
            C     C/B   Am7
	For I'm a lucky man,
            Am7/G       D/F#
	Well I had the chance,
           F          G         C
	To spend one night with you.

Guitar Bridge - (same as intro)

Repeat chorus once, then:

            C     C/B   Am7
	Yes I'm a lucky man,
	     Am7/G      D/F#
	Well I had the chance,
            F         G         D
	To spend one night with you.

		Please send any comments to:
						Brian Blomstrand
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