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Mcclinton Delbert - Jealous Kind tab

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Jars of Clay
Jealous Kind
Who We Are Instead

Capo on 3


  C      Asus2   C

--0--0----2--2---0--|  Play x 2 for intro, then x 3 for verse

  C      Asus2   A    Asus4

--0--0----2--2---2---0--0--0---2--|  Play x 1 

Chorus- You kinda need to make up your own rhythm here

    C                 G            Asus4         Asus2

----0-----------------0-------------0--------------2---|  Play x 2

...unfaithful...   ...lines...   ...tables...   ...kind...

...aisle...        ...find...      ...kind...

The rest of the song is just repeating the verse and chorus until the bridge


   C   G

---0---0--|  Played until the end

This isn't perfect, but I think its a pretty good translation from piano.   

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