Mcdonald And Giles - Birdman chords

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"Birdman" [involving "The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T)", "The Workshop",
    "Wish-Bone Ascension", "Birdman Flies!", "Wings In The Sunset",
    "Birdman - The Reflection"] (I. McDonald / P. Sinfield)

        Vocal chords:


        Improv on E

        ["The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T)"]

A  E  A  E  A  E  A  E

A     E     A     E        A      E         F# B E   A
Long ago in Warnerstone, a man he dreamed a singular scheme,
A      E       A        E     A     E        A       C       Fmaj7
Had no wish to join the fish, but inside I'd love to fly.

A      E       A             E     A    E       F#  B    E A
Sat in bed and scratched his head, so absurd to fly like a bird,
A         E      A      E     A        E        A       C      Fmaj7
Time flew past until at last, late one night he saw the light.

A       E           A      E      A          E           F# B  E   A
Careful hands threw up the plans, shapes and things like cu-ri-ous wings,
A    E        A         E     A        E           F#  B  E   A
Hieroglyphics most prolifics, numbered chalks with all of the pops,
F#  B   E    A
Now the work starts ...

        ["The Workshop"]

        A  G  A  G  A  G  A  G  (2x)

A              G       A             G         A       G          A     G
Toiled through days on stretched and strained, umpteen screws and nails too

        A  G  A  G  A  G  A  G  (2x)

A       G            A       G         A          G           A          G
Harness leathers and rainbow feathers, hinges and joints that led him up far

        A  G  A  G  A  G  A  G  (2x)

        sax solo: | A7 | A7 | A7 | A7 | D7 | D7 | A7 | A7 | E7 | D7 | A7 | E7 |
        (add elec guitar 2nd time, add sawing wood 3rd time, bass riff changes
        4th time)

        | A | A | A | A | D | D | G | G | Bb | F | D | D |

        ["Wishbone Ascension"]

G               Bb                F                D
With the golden throne beside, he saw that all the work was done,
G                   Bb              F                  D
His face aglow, ran up the road, to wish that it would hold him still.
G                Bb                 F                Dsus4  D
Cast his eyes on distant skies, and slowly moved his arms,

A7                          F  D
Slowly up, then slowly down,
A7                          F  D  Dsus4
Faster up, then faster down,
Faster up, then faster down,

  F       D           Dsus4              D5   Ddim   Bm
  Till at last with a swishing sound, he very gently left the ground;

                  Dm        B7   C7     C#7  D7  G
  With a swishing sound, he very gently left the ground.

        [Instrumental: "Birdman Flies!"]
        Do the whole thing 8x in 3/4:

     Gm       (4x)  Bb       (4x)  F        (4x)

        Then (in 4/4):

                 (4x)  Bm/G# (= G#dim7)

        ["Wings in the Sunset"]

C              Fmaj7    C               Fmaj7
Weary from his journey, Birdman set for homeward,
C                   Ab         Abmaj7     Ab6      Ab6/3 Ddim ([ch]Bm/D[/ch] #6)
Gliding through the sunset, he very   gently  floated    down,
G    G/F G/D
Down to  the ground.

        ["Birdman - The Reflection"]
        Repeat 8x:

|  C  |  Fmaj7  |  C  |  Fmaj7  |  C  |  Ab  |  Ddim  |  G  |  G  |

        ["Birdman - Coda"]

||:  C  |  F  :||(repeated lots of times),  C  ||
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