Mcfly - Shine A Light chords

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McFly ft Taio Cruz - Shine a light

Standard Tuning

Capo 4th

G                       Em
Tell me are you feeling strong
strong enough to love someone
                                C (let it ring)          
and make it through the hardest storm ........and bad weather

G                         Em
Will you pull me from the flames
hold me till I feel no pain
                             C (let it ring)
and give me shelter from the rain .........for ever

D     C          Cm
Where can I find her

She took the light and left me in the dark, eh
She left me with a broken heart, eh
Cadd9           D
Now Iím on my own
D                    G
If anybody sees her (eh, eh, eh)
Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh)
Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh)
Shine a light on her (eh, eh)
If anybody sees her.

G                       Em
Tell me can you hear my voice
loud and clear above the noise
                  C (let it ring)
Even if I had the choice ..........I would not give up

D C            Cm
I can not find her

Repeat chorus x3
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