Mcfly - If U C Kate chords

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It's played in open D tuning with a slide but even if you don't want to re-tune your 
guitar, you can still play in regular tuning without a slide! :)

If you're not going to re-tune play it with power chords (open chords sound bad) and 
ignore the slides and tabbed bits:) I'll be tabbing out the whole thing with accuracy later!

If you're going to re-tune and play with a slide:

Okay, so first things first you have to re-tune your guitar to open D which is
E down to D
a same as a
d same as d
g semi-tone down to f#
b down to a
e down to d

When you strum your guitar open you should have a D chord! Note: It's pretty much all 
arpeggios but you can strum it!

The high pitched beggining part is tabbed

(6th string) d--13/15--13--13/15- x4


 D (open)
First time I saw her she was standing in line,

 D (open)
Holding a book about compatible signs,

 G (slide up to your 5th fret)
I should have talked to her, I should have tried,

 A (slide to 7th fret)
But I was breathless by the look in her eyes,

Then gentely slide back open

You repeat the same thing through all the verses AND chorus's

 D                      D
If you see Kate tell her that i’m looking for her,

 G (slide up to 5th fret)
She’s so fine,

 A (slide up to 7th fret)
That girl's been on my mind,


The only time it changes is when he does the weird bridge thing at the end, it changes to

               B   A    G           finish with an open D
 She's been on my mind…..

It really is quite simple :)
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