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Mcfly - Down By The Lake chords

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McFly-Down By The Lake
Capo:1st fret
Well you better get home cos your dad is awake
Said he saw you last nite making out by the lake
With a guy he hates
   A                                          E
He doesnt look at me the same way that you do
Said i look pretty cute but i dont got the grades
Seen the star on my foot and the way i behave
      A      E   Bm7  E            A
We're better off when daddys outta town

E7      D                 A
Oh baby you got nothing to prove
       D                      A
But if we decide to go doesnt mean he's gotta know
        D                 A
O baby you got nothing to lose
          E               Bm7    E   A     A7
And we're better off when daddys not around.

Doesnt give his consent
so now we cant afford
The perfect wedding you want gotta do it abroad
In a place you adore so
i got us on a plane to Hawaii
Where the weather is nice
And where we are alone
None of daddy's advice
Followed us here from home
It'll be chilled when daddy's not around

Dm*          F#m
I can't be around him and i've tried
Dm*              F#m
I told him that i liked him but i lied
D                A
Find some way to make him change his mind
           G             E
What can i do to be with you

Solo: D A
      D A E E7


This is my version of this song.I think the chords are right.Please feel free to leave 
comments or corrections :].And don't forget: Capo 1st fret
Tabbed by: Mihajlo Zoric

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