Meaghan Smith - If You Asked Me chords

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Meaghan Smith -- If You Asked Me

VERY rough outline of the most basic chords.
Being a jazzy song its best to play around with it add runs or what have you until you 
have a personal version you enjoy playing. Personally I turn a lot of the chords into 
7ths throughout the song and that seems to work nicely.

Capo 2 matches the song.


Verse 1:
Am                             E
Well I know that I should know better
        F               E                   Am
Than to sit here by the phone waiting like a fool
And my mailbox never got those letters
        F                  E            Am
That you promised would be coming my way soon
     F                 E
Well itís a strange concept
     F                   E
With all the tears Iíve wept
     F               E
That I would still accept

If you asked me

Verse 2:
Well you show up when you want romancing
And Iím the perfect one to play the part
And I might be in your arms dancing
But Iím not the only one inside your heart
I know youíre not all mine
Cause I see your wandering eyes
Still I would not decline if you asked me

C                   E
Everybody sees that love has made me blind Oh
    Am                   E
And everybody knows that I have lost my mind
C                    E
And it may be true my heart may be askew
 F                 E
This love may be a ruse
  F                 E
I got everything to lose
    F            E          Am
But how can I refuse if you asked me

Am E F E Am (x2)

        F             E
Well my love I canít repress
   F             E
So boy I must confess
     F                 E
What I wish you would request
     F                  E
And I ain't gonna make you guess
          F            E
So put me out of my distress
          F                E
With or without you Iím a mess
    F                E
And boy I would say yes
If you asked me Come on ask me
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