Meg Baird Helena Espvall And Sharron Kraus - Bruton Town chords

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Capo 1-4 (I prefer it on 1)

Am G D Am G D Am

Am       G        D
In bruton town there lived a noble man
Am         G          D        Am
He had two sons and a daughter fair
Am        G       D
By night and day they were contriving
Am              G           D          Am
For to fill their sister's heart with care

Am         G         D                
One night one night of restless slumber
Am          G         D      Am
One brother rose up from his bed
Am             G      D                
He heard the servant court their sister
Am      G              D       Am
Oh he heard they had a mind to wed

Am          G         D              
Oh when he rose the very next morning
Am              G       D       Am
Went searching for the serving man
Am            G             D                   
And when he found him this young man he murdered
Am            G           D       Am
Oh left him lying in the briars around

Am             G        D                
Oh she went to bed a-crying and lamenting
Am            G       D       Am
And thinking of her own true love
Am           G         D                    
And as she slept she dreamt that she saw him
Am              G                  D                  Am  
A-lying in the countryside all covered with gore and blood

Am            G        D                
Oh brothers, brothers why do you whisper
Am           G             D      Am
And what's become of this serving man?
Am              G             D            
Oh we lost him where we were a-hunting gone
Am           G             D        Am  
We lost him where he won't ever be found

Am            G        D
Oh she early rose the very next morning
Am               G            D   Am    
And searched the countryside all around
Am           G        D              
And there she saw her own dear jewel
Am       G              D             Am   
A-lying in the briars where he'd been found

Am              G      D                 
Three days and nights here did lie by him
Am               G              D          Am
She thought her heart it would break with woe
Am           G        D           
When a cruel hunger came upon her
Am      G            D            Am
And in despair to her home she did go

Am          G      D                
Oh sister, sister why do you whisper
Am            G         D          Am  
And won't you tell us where you've been
Am          G             D             
Stand off, stand off you bloody butchers
Am          G           D     Am
My love and I you have both slain

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