Megafaun - The Longest Day tab

The tab for the intro is the banjo part, but on the guitar.  There's
another guitar part that joins it later on.... I'll figure it out eventually

Capo on the 5th fret


G                    C/G
Em      C/G          G

        G                C/G                Em          C/G         G   Em          C/G         G  
  4     1   2  3  4      1   2  3  4        1 2 3  4    1 2 3 4     1   1 2 3  4    1 2 3 4     1 

Em  C/G      G           D
1 2 3  4     1 2 3 4     1
----------0--0--------0---|   X1


right away
waiting for a sign
D                      C/G   
wanting you to take my hand

breathless in the morn
      Em             C/G
you'd gone to better lands
       Am         C/G 
i just sat there, silent,
       D           G
as the longest day began


gone a day
it feels like many years
there below the wet tree ground

sun gave to moon, said
"sleep now restless one,
cause i ain't never seen a night
that didn't have a dawn"


spring brought rain
summer brought the fall
fox said goodbye to their homes

almost been a year
my love for you has grown
and this weatherd photograph
is all i have to show

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