Megan Nicole - Summer Forever chords

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I've been searching for the chords to this song but cannot find them so I thought 
I'd try to figure it out. Anyway I'm not sure these are correct since I'm not 
playing to the record but it sounds okay while I'm singing. First tab so please no 
hate although if you do figure out the better chords please tell me cuz I've been 
looking and looking with no luck. :)

No Capo
Chords: G, C, Em, D (throughout the whole song)

Phone rings, you're parked outside
Hair's up, my chucks are tied
You got a place in mind
But I say let's improvise
Oh oh oh
Let's go oh oh
Straight down the 405
Right past the county line

Put your arm around me now
Only got a few more hours
So let's try to make it count
While the sun is

Shining bright
Speakers shaking
Put old mustang in drive
Heart is yours for the taking
We don't have to say goodbye
If it was summer forever
Oh oh oh
Don't let it go oh oh
Just kiss me slow oh oh
Whoa oh oh wish it was summer forever

Hands up can touch the rays
Jump in and rush the waves
This world is ours to take
So never let the moment fade
Don't oh oh oh
Let go oh oh
Just snap a shot right through your shades
Put it in a mental picture frame

And when the sun goes down
Can we still be together
Don't wanna leave just hold me now
Like its summer for ever
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