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Mekons - Memphis Egypt tab

E 0-----------------------------------------------------------------------/

Destroy your safe and happy lives before it is too late
The battles we fought were long and hard
Just not to be consumed by rock and roll
              E (insert above riff here)
Rock and roll

Capitalismos, favorite boy child, we must apologise,
Up in the rafters a rope is danglin',
Spots before the eyes of rock n' roll...

We know the devil and we have shaken him by the hand,
Embraced him and thought his foul (stinking) breath was fine perfume
Just like rock n' roll...

East berlin can't buy a thing
There's nothing they can sell me,
Walk through the wall no pain at all
I'm born inside the belly of rock n' roll...

It's something to sell your labor for when hair sprouts out below,
The microscope on that secret place where
We all want to go, it's rock n' roll.
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