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Melechesh - Triangular Tattvic Fire tab

This NOT my work.  It is a the tab provided on the enhanced cd, Sphynx.  I am simply
relaying the information.

Triangular Tattvic Fire:

Riff 1 (a):
𥥤0 (low E)
𧯠14 (A)
棗棗棗 (D)
棗棗棗 (G)
棗棗棗 (B)
棗棗棗 (high E) 

Riff 1 (b):
𧯠  10  (low E)
𨖱012  (A)
棗棗棗 (D)
棗棗棗 (G)
棗棗棗 (B)
棗棗棗 (high E)

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Riff 2:
𥥤𥥤𥥤𥥤𥥤0棗0𥥤𥥤𥥤𥥤棗棗棗棗棗 (low E)
𧈇𧈇𨃋𧈇𧈇10  8𧈇𧈇𨃋𧈇𧯠棗棗𧯠 (A)
棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗𧛵6棗 (D)
棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗 (G)
棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗 (B)
棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗 (high E)

Riff 3:
𥥤棗棗00棗棗棗棗00棗棗0𥥪6 (low E)
𧈇𥥤𧈇𨃋𧈇棗5𧯘𥥩𧯠8 (A)
棗棗57棗棗棗棗棗棗棗57棗棗棗 (D)
棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗 (G)
棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗 (B)
棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗棗 (high E)
(repeat riff 2 and 3)

Riff 4:
0棗棗0棗 (low E)
𨃋𧈇棗7棗 (A)
棗棗棗棗棗 (D)
棗棗棗棗棗 (G)
棗棗棗棗棗 (B)
棗棗棗棗棗 (high E)

Riff 4 (end):
5棗棗棗棗 (low E)
棗4𧈈𧈇 (A)
棗棗棗棗 (D)
棗棗棗棗 (G)
棗棗棗棗 (B)
棗棗棗棗 (high E)

Ending bridge:
11𧈈7 (low E)
13𧯙0-9 (A)
棗棗棗 (D)
棗棗棗 (G)
棗棗棗 (B)
棗棗棗 (high E)
(repeat riff 2,3 and 4)
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