Melissa Etheridge - This War Is Over tab

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Date: 26 Feb 1996 11:35:39 +0000
From: "Boulton, Nic" 
Subject: /e/Melissa_Etheridge/This war is

This war is over (Melissa Etheridge)

>From the "Your Little Secret" album. Guitar chords are written above the
lyrics, Bass parts below the lyrics.

[Intro] :


           //            *             |           *      *          \\
A --------||.------/5--/-10-------(10\)|-----/5--/-10----\7~~-\5~~\--.||
E --3/5\3-||.--3-\-------------(13)----|(3\)-------------------------.||
           \\                          |                             //

[repeat bassline1 three more times]

G                    G               G                      G
Take off my shield  carry my sword   I won't need it  any  more
<---bassline1---->  <--bassline1-->  <-----bassline1---->  <-bassline1->

G                    G                  G                   G
Find me a sky     & give me my wings  frozen & broken, but free
<--bassline1-->   <---bassline1--->  <-----bassline1---->  <-bassline1->

               C                        G
Tell them I'm all right    I'm  coming home
              <--bassline2-->          <--bassline1->

               C                        G
Tell them I'm all right    I    am    alone
              <--bassline2-->          <--bassline1->

            Am      C                G
This war is o-ve-r--.    I'm coming home
bass: E-----8-7--5-/15--             <--bassline1-->

G                   G                G                         G
Take off my shame  bury it low       I won't  need  it  any    more
Find me the Sun  & give me it whole  melt all the chains in my soul



e -----------------------------------------------------------------|
B -15--13--12--12----15--13--12--12----15--13--12-----13--12--12---|
G ------------------------------------------------14---------------|

e --------------13--------------12--(12h)13--12--------------------|
B --12--13--15-----------------------------------15--12------------|
G -----------------------------------------------------------------|

e --------------13-----(13h)15--12--(12h)13--12--------------------|
B --12--13--15-----------------------------------15--12------------|
G -----------------------------------------------------------------|

e ------------up---down---------------------------------|
B -----------12-(13)-12---------------------------------|
G ----------------------12------------------------------|
D ----------------------------14----12----(12h14p12)12--|
A ------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------|
                                                    Take off...

Take off my pain   carry me slow     I won't fight here any more


[Ad lib guitar over bassline 3 to fade]

    // bassline 3 :
A -||.------------------------------------|
E -||.-3--3--3--3--/10------10--12--10-\--|

A --------------------------10--12--10-\--.||
E ----3--3--3--3--/10---------------------.||

 & occasionally: ... A -----12--10--------|
                     E -------------12-\--|

320003 - G
X32010 - C
X02210 - Am

/ is a slide up
\ is a slide down
* is don't pick the note, just slide up/down to it
h is a hammer on
p is a pull off
~~ is finger vibrato

    up  down
B-12-(13)-12- is pick at the 12th fret, bend the b upto c then back down

bassline2 (first half of first two lines of chorus) is :

    //                          |                            \\
D -||-------------*-------------|----------5p0----------------||
A -||:------/5--/-7~~\----------|----------------\7~~-\5~~\--:||
E -||---3-\---------------------|-----------------------------||
    \\                          |                            //

I'm not a bass player, but it seems to sound best if you play most of the bass
part with one finger, sliding up and down the neck. Of course, you can play
the bass parts on a regular guitar- fretting and tuning is the same- its just
one octave lower on a bass.

I kept having trouble finding the right key for the vocal. Start on a 'd'.
Here's the melody for the first line:

d    c   b  b       d  c  b  b       d  c    b    b   a b   g
Take off my shield  carry my sword   I won't need it  any  more

Any comments/improvements, etc. welcome.

Now go find yourself a bass player!

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