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Melissa Polinar - Meant To Be tab

I LOVE THIS SONG. I just figured it out the other night and it's such a blast to play. 
I tried to format it the best I could but the spacing ended up weird... bare with 
me, haha I needed to get ready for work. >.>
Capo on 2nd fret. Tabs are relative to capo. These are simply the tabbed chords... 
listen to the song for the picking patterns. 
h means hammer on
/ means slide up to the note and
&arpeg means arpeggio, so pluck the strings one at a time from the top down. 
Good luck and enjoy! :)
Intro and Verses:


"You can feel it..."

---x--x--x--x----|       X2         

"You are the one..."


---------1-----0---                [--x-----]   
-0h2---------------                [--0-----]
-----4---3-----2---                [--2-----]
-----2---2-----1---                [--2-----]
-----4---1h3---0---                [--0h2---]
------------------- X2&arpeg [--0-----]

Repeat Verse once and Chorus once.

"I feel at home..."

                [-------]   -------------                       [----------]    Chorus and END. ☺
                [-------]   -0--0--0--2--                       [----------]
                [--0--0-]   -2--2--2--4--                       [--3--2----]
                [--2--2-]   -2--1--0--2--                       [--2--1----]
                [--2--1-]   -2--0--2--4--                       [--0--0----]
&arpeg     [--2--1-]   -------------    &arpeg  [--0--0----]
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