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Mellow - Love Aint The Answer chords

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			     Mellow - Love ain't the answer
Tabbed by:lovelylight
Album: Perfect Colors

One of my favorite songs by this cool band. 
unfortunately the chords come second to all the cool 
slide guitar, strings and synths going on. 
so it doesnt sound very good just playing 
the chords by itself in my opinion. 
but whatever still a great song!

Your really gonna have to listen to the song for this first part


Noise section
0:00-0:31  seems to be centered around Bb 

G5 (power chord on the 3rd fret keep strumming it!)

On this part you may need a buddy to be tuned to a whole tuning like D
and be playing slide guitar around the G Bb and C chords

Pick around a G chord on the 3rd fret

Pick a Bb on the first fret then slide to C on the 3rd fret and pick that

Go back to strumming that G5 power chord! at 1:27 give it one last whack and let it ring!

1:31 let these chords ring
1:31            1:37          1:43
 F               C           G  F  C

Strum these chords

1:49            1:55          2:01
 G#  G           C  Bb  F    G#  G

2:07   Finally some lyrics!
   C        F#
Im closing
   C        F#
Im drifting
   Bb       E
Im searching

F  G  A

do the G to Bb slide to C thing
And/or let these chords Ring G 3rd fret Bb 1st fret C open G open

2:47  Start Strumming that G5 power chord again!

Im a playboy changing partners every week (I dont mind)
And every day i sit and watch tv          (feeling fine)
Im sure they all believe that i am clumsy (going down)
I stay up late and dont wake up till noon (every night)

let G5 chord ring

Pathetic ....
(G5 ringing)        F
The word is on your lips
F                           C
But you know, its all about love again!
    G       F                C
Its seems a little strange i know
    G#             G
But let me make it clear:
C          Bb      F
It's about my life,
        G#              G
and the way some people act
     C   F#                   C    F#
They take       and then they break
       Bb           E
what i make with my hand....
F    G  A
With my hands

F                      C
Love aint an answer to everything
F                       C
Love aint the answer to my life.
G#                                 G
you might find the way out of this maze

F           C

G#    G    F    C
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