Melvins - Lovely Butterfly tab

Melvins - Lovely Butterfly

>Honky version :


e --------------------|
b -6b8-etc------------|
g -6b8-etc------------|
d --------------------|
a --------------------|
d --------------------|


g ---------------------|
d ---------------------|
a ---------------------|
d -0/9--0/9--0-1-1-----|

>Electroretard version :

Same as above but with slide bass,
more guitar and the following riff
during the "chorus":

e ------------------------------|
b ------------------------------|
g -7---7---7-10-9-8---8---8---8-|
d -7---7---7-10-9-8---8---8---8-|
a -5---5---5-8--7-6---6---6---6-|
d ------------------------------|
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