Memphis High - Criminal Love chords

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verse 1
We're breaking in to each other's lives 
Stealin all we can
Holdin on to this perfect lie
cause nothin else matters

B. Section
Our innocence is all pretend
So let's just bend the truth

In a world of crime
of secrets and disguise
don't you ever set me free
I'm getting arrested by your eyes
locked up in tonight
your the one that holds the key
to this criminal love 
this criminal love

Verse 2
It feels so good, it should be wrong
I can't defend myself
I should have known this all along
I surrender but i'll never tell

B Section.
my innocence is all pretend
so let's just bend the truth


I'm guilty of everything 
So let my heart take the blame 
let me do the time, if my time's with you
your my first degree, your my felony of love
criminal love





F - C- G- Am 
F-C-G x2

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