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Mercy Me - Spoken For tab

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I did the best I could to transpose to E. It's not completely finished because I don't
remember how the bridge goes. It sounds better this way, but it doesn't match the
recording. This is a better version for Youth or something.

Spoken For

E                    A
Take this world from me
C#m7               A
I don't need it anymore
E            A
I am finally free
C#m7               A
My heart is spoken for

C#m7            A
Oh and I praise you
C#m7     A2
Oh and I worship you...

E                    A
Covered by your love divine
C#m7               A
Child of the risen Lord
E                A
To hear you say "This one's mine"
C#m7               A
My heart is spoken for

><> Peace out <><
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