Meredith Andrews - Worth It All chords

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Worth It All
Meredith Andrews
Key: A

Intro: E, C, G 
       E, C, G

E      C      G                     E         C      G
   All I am Lord, here before You   reaching out for more.
E           C      G
   You're the promise, never failing.
E        C   G         E          C   G
   You are my reward. Jesus, You are my reward.

      C       G            E         D
I let go of all I have just to have all of You.
       C               G            E      D
And no matter what the cost, I will follow You.
       C               G           E        D
Jesus, everything I've lost I have found in You.
       C                 G        D
When I finally reach the end I'll say
                 E      C    G
You are worth it all.

Verse 2:
E               C       G                 E             C     G
   There's no riches or Earthly treasures    that will satisfy.
E         C       G          E           C        G
   Every longing, for Jesus,   set this heart on fire.
E            C        G  
   Set this heart on fire.

Bridge: (2x's)
 When I'm there in Your glorious presence.
 Every knee is bowed before You.
C                                   D             
 Hear the sound of heaven singing "You are worth it all!"
 All the saints cry "Holy! Holy!"
 Angels singing "Worthy! Worthy!"
C                                  D
 Forever I will shout Your praises. You are worth it all.

Interlude (to Chorus): C, E, D
                       C, E, D

End: E, C, G 
     E, C, G
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