Merle Haggard - Turning Off A Memory chords

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Turning Off a Memory

        D            G           D         
You can find me in a dim lighted bar-room
If your cold should ever turn warm
         D         G        D        
But the chances of you ever changing
                    A7         D     
Are as slim as your two loving arms
D              G     D       
So I'm turning off a memory
              E7        A7      
As quickly as time will allow
D           G     D      
I'm turning off a memory
                      A7      D        
And the wine seems to help me somehow
So if I'm lucky I'll someday forget her
When the wine finally takes full control
It's not much of a future to look to
But I can't stand this pain in my soul
Chorus in D#

by: Josť Duarte
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