Merle Haggard - A King Without A Queen chords

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A King Without A Queen

C                     F
Riches do not come in silver and in gold
   G7                         C
It comes in the happiness you find
I place my gold and silver before my precious queen
    G7                             C     C7
But now there's only memories left behind
F                   C
If you never lost a loved one
F                            G7
Then you'll know just what I mean
         F                        C
For what good are treasures and a kingdom
          G7               C
If you're a king without a queen
Now that she has gone and found another love
   G7                     C
My castle is empty and so cold
For her leaving brought me heartaches that I have never known
    G7                                     C   C7
And there's sadness in the treasures I now hold
Repeat X2
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