Mest - Jaded These Years chords

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Hello guys,I don't know what is Ax but it sounds right.

      A   A     Ax         D   D     E

A                 Ax     D       E
theres a time and place 4 everything
theres a reason why certain people meet
theres a destination for everyone
wats the explination when were done?
all the summer nights spent wondering
so many questions asked,but no one's answerin
would it be ok if i left today?
took my chances on wath you said was wrong....

A         D                      F#-
i'm jaded stupid and wrekless not sorry         
         E                  A              D  
and i'll never regret these years,spent so faded     
                  F#-            E                 D
and wrekless not sorry and i'll never regret these years   
     E                   A
i'll never regret these years                    

now here i sit so far away
remembering all the memories
it's times like these that i miss u most
remembering wen we were so close


B-         D                 A                       E
years well never forget the places we've been,you an i
     B-        D
our lives are slipping away
      A                          E   E
dont want to let time to pass us by, by

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