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Metro Station - Wish We Were Older chords

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Meh i know it's not the whole song but it's built up on these chords

 INTRO: (either picked slowly, or single strum)

Bb F# Eb G#
i wish we were older

then strum the pattern twice

VERSE: Repeat the chord progression. See song for pattern

"i know you're scared"

What i would do is have one guitar palm mute the chords and the other pick them to 
mimic the harmony of masson and trace's voices.


Bb,   F#         ,Eb                   ,G#
woah we oh(x2)   I wish we were older 

Then again just with "wish we were older repeated"

BRIDGE: "take my hand"
this is how i'd play it but there are other ways

I play Bb For traces vocals then do the progression for masons.

   If i sound a bit incoherent then just use the progression of Bb,F#,Eb and G# 
and follow the song
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