Mewithoutyou - A Stick A Carrot A String chords

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the horse's hay beneath his head
    A           F#              E
our Lord was born to a manger bed
E                           A
that all whose wells run dry
          F#                 E
could drink of his supply

E                                 A
to keep him warm, the sheep drew near
                    F#             E
so grateful for His coming here
E                       A
come with news of grace
        F#              E
come to take my place
the donkey whispered in his ear
A            F#               E
"child, in 30-some-odd years
E                                    A
you'll ride someone who looks like me
      F#        E

E                                A
the cardinals warbled a joyful song
                 F#                 E
he'll make right what man made wrong
bringing low the hills
A                F#             E
that the valleys might be filled

E                             A
then "child", asked the birds
                     F#                  E
"well, aren't they lovely words we sing?"
E                         A
the tiny baby lay there
               F#      E
without saying anything

at a distance stood a mangy goat
 A              F#                E
with the crooked teeth and a matted coat
E                    A
weary eyes and worn
             F#           E
chipped and twisted horns

E                                        A
thinking "maybe I'll make friends someday
                  F#                     E
with the cows and the hens in the rambouillet
E                          A
but for now, I'll keep away
             F#                E
I've got nothing smart to say"

E                        A
there's a sign on the barn
           F#        E
in the cabbage town
E                     A
"when the rain picks up
           F#         E
and the sun goes down
E                    A
sinners, come inside
               F#          E
with no money, come and buy

E                               A
no clever talk, nor a gift to bring
             F#            E
requires our lowly, lovely king
E                     A
come you, empty handed,
you don't need anything"

[the solo is tremolo picking
listen to the song to figure out the pattern of how long
to pick each note}


E                                   A
and the night was cool and clear as glass
                  F#                E
with the sneaking snake in the garden grass
E                    A
deep cried out to deep
          F#              E
the disciples fast asleep

E                                         A
and the snake perked up when he heard You ask
                    F#                   E
"if you're willing that this cup might pass
we could find our way back home
A             F#                 E
maybe start a family all our own"

E                                    A
"but does not the Father guide the Son?
             F#                E
not my will, but yours be done.
E                     A
what else here to do?
          F#              E
what else for me, but You?"

E                               A
and the snake who'd held the world
            F#               E
a stick, a carrot and a string
E                           A
was crushed beneath the foot
            F#              E
of your not wanting anything
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