Mic Christopher - Kids Song tab

                             Kid's Song - Mic Christopher
Tabbed by: Zak M

Tuning: Standard or Capo 1 (The album version sounds closest to capo 1 but not exact)

This song is based off the G shape but slightly different
Can be finger picked or strummed (both are in the song)
The main riff is played throughout the whole song apart from where it goes "but how 
comes we both go to schools..." which is an Am chord.

Finger positions (which I find the easiest..)





How come your sister's in drag?
Where are the clothes that she had?
Well I've seen her of late
I think she put on some weight like a man
How come that boy's not like me?
What colour me does he see?
Well they say that he's blue
I think he colours my room when he comes

... but how comes we both go to schools
on different sides of the street?

How comes this girl that I knew?
Sometimes she don't look so good
Well her mom says it's flu
But she wears coats in the gym class at school

... I tell her, I wanna be friends with you
will you be friendly to me?

So how comes your sister's in drag?
And how comes some people get mad?
'Cause either red, green or blue
I think they colour my room when they come
Yeah either red, green or blue
I think they brighten my room when they come
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