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Michael Franks - Rainy Night In Tokyo tab

RAINY NIGHT IN TOKYO (Michael Franks, 1983)


[A] x0xx20  [Asus2] x0xx00   [A] x0xx20  [Asus2] x0xx00 [G] 3xx43x  [Gsus2] 
3xx23x  [G] 3xx43x  [Gsus2] 3xx23x

(Singing start at B) 
[Amaj7] Seventh of Sep-[Cmaj7]-tem-[F6]-ber [Cmaj7] remem-[F6]-ber [Amaj7] when,
we met at the [Cmaj7] shrine, your [D6] kimono looked so [Amaj7] fine.
Temple dancers [Cmaj7] sway-[F6]-ing, flutes [Cmaj7] play-[F6]-ing [Amaj7] then,
I was yours and you were [Cmaj7] mine. [Dm7/G]?

Chorus: Paul [A] Desmond [Asus2] on the [A] stereo [Asus2]
We [G] sipped the [Gsus2] sake [G] very [Gsus2] slow
[A] Kissing [Asus2] in the [A] candle-[Asus2]-glow
That [G] rainy [Gsus2] night in [G] Tokyo [Gsus2] 
Tokyo! [A] [Asus2] [A] [Asus2] Tokyo! [G] [Gsus2] [G] [Gsus2] Tokyo! Tokyo!

[Dmaj7] We both got so hungry on the [Amaj7] bullet train
[Fmaj7] Lugging our [Fmaj7/G] luggage through the [Cmaj7] station
[F#m7] Finding a taxi in the [Amaj7] pouring rain
[Fmaj7] We must have made quite a sight [Fmaj7] In love on a rainy night
[Fmaj7] And due for a little cele-[E]-bration E, F#, G#, A, B, C# [A] + intro

[Amaj7] Safe from stormy [Cmaj7] wea-[F6]-ther, [Cmaj7] toge-[F6]-ther [Amaj7] we,
stayed inside our [Cmaj7] room, just [D6] admiring the [Amaj7] typhoon.
[Amaj7] Heard the cats a-[Cmaj7]-rrive [F6] at, nearly [Cmaj7] five [F6] but [Amaj7] we,
were still making love in [Cmaj7] tune. [Dm7/G]? Chorus
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