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Michael Franti And Spearhead - Is Love Enough tab

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1-11-09  "Is love enough"-tabbed by Dageri1 originally by Michael Franti and Spearhead 
the cd "Yell Fire"

**This is a simple yet powerful song.  It's great to play on acoustic.  Michael
plays an A minor chord which he shifts the bass notes with his pinky and his
thumb giving the feel of a  bassline underneath the A minor chord.  I figured
this out while watching his power to the peaceful concert dvd so I'm pretty sure
at the accuracy.  I also supply the lyrics because I personally can't stand
learning a guitar tab and having to get the lyrics else where!!!**

This is the main riff:

  E]-0-0-0-0       E]-0-0-0-0      E]-0-0-0-0      E]-0-0-0-0----|
  B]-X-0-0-0       B]-X-0-0-0      B]-X-0-0-0      B]-X-0-0-0----|
  G]-0-X-0-0       G]-0-X-0-0      G]-0-X-0-0      G]-0-X-0-0----|
  D]-0-X-0-0       D]-0-X-0-0      D]-0-X-0-0      D]-0-X-0-0----|
  A]-0-0-0-0       A]-0-0-0-0      A]-0-0-0-0      A]-0-0-0-0----|
  E]-0-0-0-0       E]-0-0-X-0      E]-0-X-0-0      E]-X-0-0-0----|

       1 2  3 4             1 2 3 4           1 2 3 4             1 2 3 4

                            play the G     play the Gb      play the F
                             with the           with the            with the
                               pinky                thumb             thumb....then release
           and back to Am

The chorus is C/Em/Am/F

We want freedom of speech
But we all talkin' at the same time
We say we want peace
but nobody want to change their own mind,  no they don't

So it goes on and on and on and on and on
For a thousand years,  a thousand years I say
and it goes on and on and on and on and on
What language are your tears,   are your tears?

Everybody wants to live the life of King's and Queens
but nobody want to stay and plow the fields
Everybody wants to tell their neighbors how to live
But nobody wants to listen to how they feels

Repeat refrain

But what I got to say right now...   ...Is love enough,  Yeah!
                                                   enough,  Yeah!
                                                            ...or can you love some more

Repeat refrain

What mother nature gives
Mankind refuse to let live
Taking the universe in their own hands
Oh yes lord
Short circuiting the positive
Judging the negative
Causing the most unusual circumstances
Everyday we rise again
But our love we will fight again
Hoping our hearts will recieve our love token
Blessed words we speak again
Lovely words to do me friend
For us to live in this here garden of eden


What language do you laugh in?
What language do you cry in?
What language do you dance in,  make romance in?
What language do you make love in,  pray to the above in

What language are your fears?
What language are your tears?

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