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Michael Gungor - Giving It All tab

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C			          Dm
You are the author of life
	Am7			G
Just one word and I am free
C			           Dm
You are the Savior and I 
	Am7			G
Need Your grace to rescue me
I__ sur___ren__der

C			G
We’re giving it all to You
Am7			F
We’re giving it all to You
Our hearts cry out
We need You now 
Am7			F
We’re giving it all to You
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You are the fountain of life
Just one drop and I am filled
You are my joy and desire
I resign to Your will.

I__ sur__ren__der


	Dm	    C   	 F	       G
For just one____drop and ___we are___ filled
Dm	       C       	F	C    G
Just one___ drop and we are filled
Am7	       G     C    F		 G
Just one___ word   and       we are___ free

Instrumental: C- Bm- Am7- F

Chorus (2x)

Outro: (3x)
F    G      Am7     G		C      *Last note play all with C
I    Sur     ren     der	all
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