Michael Gungor - Overwhelming chords

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These are the basic chords of the song, but it sounds more accurate with a capo 3, 
playing A D Bm7 D.

Key: C
C F Dm F

Verse 1:
C                    Bb       Dm  F
How could a heart be so overflowing
C                           Bb
That it would lay down it's life for a friend
C                    Bb
How can this mercy be new every morning
Am                   D   F                     G
It never comes to an end, it will endure for - ever

C                F                Dm                 F
You, no one like You, none can compare, Your love is overwhelming
C               F                    Dm
You, You are my God, I'm standing in awe,
Your love is overwhelming, overwhelming

Verse 2:
Why would the Master come as a servant
Why would the King come and empty Himself
How does this grace continue to pardon
It never comes to an end, it will endure forever

F G Am
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