Michael Jackson - This Is It chords

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correction on my previous submission, please ignore the older one...

Bb                 Eb
This is it, Here I stand
        Bb                         Eb
Iím the light of the world, I feel grand
         Bb          Eb
And this love, I can feel
      Bb                        Eb
And I know, Yes for sure, it is real

       Ab                                    Bb
And it feels as though Iíve seen your face a thousand times
        Ab                           Bb
And you said you really know me, yourself
      Ab                              Bb
And I know that you have got addicted with you eyes
        Ab                            Bb
But you say youíre gonna leave it for yourself, oh

Cm                     Dm
I never heard a single word about you
Cm                     Dm
Falling in love wasnít my plan
Cm                           Dm
I never thought that I would be your lover
Cm                     Dm
Come on please just understand

This is it... etc
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