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Michael Kamen - Band Of Brothers - Main Theme tab

Band of Brothers - Main Theme 
by Michael Kamen (1948-2003)
Tabbed by Jordan Keller
( / aim: kellerxd / 

This is one of the most memorable scores to any piece of cinema ever,
including movies, television and mini-series'.  The music in the Band
of Brothers series exemplified yet another piece of perfection in an
already perfect mini-series. I arranged it in some parts so that the
guitar makes up for the choir so listen to the song if you are ever confused.
There are some difficult fret stretches for those not blessed with gorilla
paws like myself. Feel free to move notes around. I took some liberties with
the end just because it needed a bit of sweetening for a guitarist to make it
more fun to play. If you want to talk about movies or classical guitar, feel
free to contact me. 

                      (hammer with right hand)

    * * *

* second time around really 
nail those first chords 

              first time                           second time
||o----------|--1-------- back to the beginning-o||-1-----------1------------|

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