Michael Mcdermott - Mess Of Things tab

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			mess of things-  Michael McDermott   -  www.Michael-McDermott.com

the sweet kentucky rain, hit the new york street
F                                        C      F
i was on the lamb, i was in retreat
but i swore iíd never let this happen again
but iím on 23rd waiting on a friend
this city, girl, got the best of me
         F                                         C             F
and taught me how to make a mess of things
through recent history i have never known
					  C    F
this feeling of feeling so alone
listen to me iíve said it before
that i love you and will forevermore
like a poet writes, a singer sings
         F     			    C            F
and you and i, make a mess of things

       Dm                 C            Bb
the circus lights shine as bright as day
and iím terrified by what you might say
Dm                              C      Bb
sometimes i behave just like a kid
        Gm                                          F
but i love you and i always did
the trouble with trouble is that it sometimes sticks
									C          F
plays tricks with your mind while it gets its kicks
and slowly thereís a momentum shift
and the weight becomes too great to lift
i woke up last night, i heard my mama scream
            F    			                 C               F
saying boy you always make a mess of things
what will become babe, of you and me
        F                                  C             F
cuz we keep on making a mess of things
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