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Michael W Smith - Highly Favoured tab

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By Michael W. Smith : Amy Grant

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C            Csus4   C
Who I have become in you
Is grace beyond all measure
C               Csus4   C
In the light of who You are
               G     C
Who am I to be found here

C            Csus4   C
Who I have become in you
Is grace beyond all measure
Am7                   F           C
Raised to life and crowned with love
               G C
Jesus yours fore-ver
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Am7         F     C/E             G
Majesty and mercy meet me in this moment
    F              C/E         Dm                G
How can it be that I have been chosen by the King
Am7                F
There’s no greater honour
C                  G
There’s no greater treasure
     F               C/E
Than to be known and loved by you 
Dm          G         F           Dm
I am highly favoured, I am highly favoured

  C                Csus4     C
A child of grace I have become
Adopted into favour				
Am7             F        C
Now I sing your Spirit’s song

Crying ‘Abba Father’

Chorus. x2
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