Michael Yonkers - The Big Parade chords

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E        Am  C        G 
in swept sea flows to me

Am C     G 
throws a thousand waves into

my ear 
let's form a parade
          Am Em 
would you be afraid
               E          Em                       D 
with bands and floats and queens and lots of clowns 
C                        G 
the plagues will lead us down
B   Am   G  
the main street
G       Am G 
dressed in banners
B        Am    G 
balloons candy sweet
G        Am     G 
whistles sirens and horns
G                 C 
the boy scouts in green
G              C     E
drum and bugle teams
Em         Am       D      
the legion and the passing
present important teams
all leave the big parade
B    Am  G 
down the street
G    Am G
crowd attending
 B     Am     G 
lonely lonely eyes
B      Am     G  
smile through rubber disguise 
C               G
the cannons and guns
C              Em
all add to the fun
E             Am 
the mayor and local 
young tv stars
wave from the shiny cars
B  Am  G 
at the end 
B   Am    G 
sad notation
G   Am       G 
men in white with rakes
B     Am G 
clean up the big parade
Am         Em 
wind swept streets
C       G 
show to me
C        G
just the thousand programs left to lay
D      C        G   
that's what I'm trying to say
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