Michael Yonkers - When The Day Is Through chords

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Am B
oohh, sure?
move it,
hello, hello brain, brain are you there?
ok, we gotta do this before the tape runs out
let's get down to business
(more laughter)
B Am

Am                  F
The day is through, I've sung my songs for you
C                   G
I must be going now, I must be going now
Am                     F 
Tomorrow will be soon, but I don't mind the moon
C                       G
I'll just be going now, I'll just be going now
Am                         F
The game of cards is done, I think that you have won
C                        G
And now I shall go home, now I shall go home
Am                       F 
Will someone talk to me, would someone like to see
C                           G                  Am        B  Am                          
would someone like to know, would someone like to go awayayaayyy
Am  F  G   Am  F      E     Am     C    Am    F     E 
I hope someday I will come, to the road where it begun
Am  F  G   Am  F      E     Am     C    Am    F     E 
I will stay there for an hour, I will pick the only flower

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

we fly so high, come let us say goodbye

(scat section)

Ohhh oooooohhhhh


Ahhhhh AAhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhh

We gotta listen
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