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Mick Flannery - Keepin Score tab

Another great song from Mick's amazing new album, Enjoy.

Mick uses finger-picking in this song so I am going to tab out the patterns he does and 
just put
corresponding letters for each tab (a, b, c) as to where they should be played in the song.

This is the intro and the verse picking he does, he just works around a C major
chord changing the root note. He plays it twice for the intro and four times for the verses.

Pattern A:
     C       A   G   C       A   G

Pattern B:
     C       G       C       G       F       G

Pattern C:
     F       G       Em      Am      F       G       Em      Am

Pattern C: (continued)
     D               G

I'll write out the lyrics now with the chords and show you where to play each picking pattern.

Intro: (pattern A)

Pattern A:
C               A       G  C                 A        G
It took me this long to realize that I don't know you,
C       A      G      C                 A      G
I can't hide myself inside the way that you do.

Pattern B:
C            G             C            G             F
I don't know where to start, All I know of your heart,
            G                     C    (pattern A)
It's bad at love and it's good at art.

Pattern A:
I'd see you talkin' with those men it wouldn't faze me,
Now even laughin' with my friends you drive me crazy.

Pattern B:
It's like I'm keepin' score on who loves more,
That never bothered me before.

Pattern C:
F          G      Em     Am           F
I pass the mirror, and I look into my eyes
            G        Em      Am          D     G
And I see a man there that I do not recognize.

Pattern A:
I'm only askin' for the sake of being honest,
You don't have to look at me that way I'm only talkin'.

Pattern B:
We're good as gold you say, We're good as gone today,
If you don't want me, go away.

(for the link just play pattern C)

And for the last part of the song play pattern B three times.

Pattern B:
I don't know where to start, All I know of your heart,
Bad at love is good at art, No more keepin' score,
On who loves who more, Here's my hand and there's the door,
Good as gold you say, good as gone today,
You don't want me, go away.

And for the Outro just go back to pattern A.

That's it anyway, lovely song. Enjoy playing it.

colinthelips 24-04-12
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