Mickey Newbury - Looks Like Babys Gone chords

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Capo on 2nd fret

Tell the robin at my window
Not to sing to me no songs
  F                         C
'Cause it's not the time for singing
  F               C
It's the time to be alone.
Chase that sunshine from my window
Tell him to pack up his dawn
           F                  C
Just let them sad guitars keep strumming
   F             G          C
'Cause it looks like baby's gone.
           C           F          C
I just can't stand to face the mornings
  F                     C
Oh Lord, even when I'm stoned
       C          F       C     Am
Yes, it looks like I was born
D7                         G
Where men were born to be alone.
So won't you wake me when it's over
When it's over I'll go home
     F                                 C
But for now please leave, I'm tired and sleepin'
        F         G         C
Lord, it looks like baby's gone.
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