Middle Class Rut - New Low chords

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Just throwin' my input out there. I've been playing around with an acoustic version of this
Song using these here chords. Would love some input.

 Am                             Asus2      
I have no space no room to move around
                Dsus2                             Em                Asus2
And this box is getting smaller, I'm trying to get out
 Am                       Asus2
How did I get so far from where I was
When did I decide to lose my way,
 Em                 Asus2        
Who have I become

(Bar chords V)
Am                                              A7
I got a new low, all fifty-two cards in a row
G7                                                         Am
So understand that I won't let go, no I won't let go

Somethin' like that. 
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