Midge Ure - Call Of The Wild chords

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A                       E                         
Outside, wild winds are calling 
                  F#m             E
broken leaves are falling like I fall before you 
A                            E
Outside nightfall is returning
                   F#m            E                       
Our home fires are burning like I burn before you
D                 E         F#m           E        D
Wind and rain may blow will we watch them come and go

      A               E                G          D
Don't goĎcause in my heart I held you just for a while
      A               E           G          D
Donít go and in my eyes I see the love of a child
      A           C#m                 G         F#
Donít go you canít deny you feel the call of the wild

A                       E                         F#m
In your hand a heart is falling a howling wolf is calling
And it's calling your name 
A                       E
and before the night is ending
                      F#m             E
The message that it's sending will it all be in vain
D                  E             F#m         E       D
Say that you will stay and we'll watch them come and go


As the wailing winds are calling
And the broken leaves are falling
And the magic that surrounds you
I will build a world around you

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