Midlake - Antiphon chords

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Antiphon by Midlake
chords by blb14cp
Please correct me if I am wrong; text taken from the Youtube video; chords guessed.

Find the poor  all kneeled down before
                               A                        Am              A       Em
He who takes and defiles I want more    I want moooooooooooore
Idols wore fine wool at the door
                        A               Am              A2
To revile then forsake  Fight a war     Fight a waaaaaaaaaar
        C       G               Em7 
Antiphon  Antiphoooooooooon

A               Am              A     Em
Fight a war      Fight a waaaaaaaaaaar

Tried and bore blame for all ignored
Head contrived, tongue applied, nevermore, nevermooooore
        C       G       A2      C#m     C       
Antiphon Antiphon Antiphon .

Bm  C C#m Am Bm C C#m

        C       Bm      A2       C#m C  Bm
Antiphon Antiphon Antiphon .

I want more than kneel down before
Fight a war They sit at the door
Nevermore All to be ignored
To the call a response
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